>iPhone Human interface Guidelines

>Apple has posted a Human Interface Guidelines document for the iPhone. It only deals with elements of web-application design. However, there is a sliver of hope for those yearning to use full applications on their mobile phone devices.

iPhone and iPod touch are two most element powerful combined multi touch interface with powerful unique features such as email, Messaging Solutions and Capability, Compatibles full featured Web Browser, iPhone, iPod, Mobile devices.

In Addition to creation of unique web content for iOS-based devices. iOS is the system software which runs on the application for iPhone and iPod touch. Our Developers can use iPhone SDK to create application for iPhone and iPod which can store and use on their available devices.

We provide iOS and the human interface design principles that form the foundation of great iPhone applications.

iPhone Human Interface Guidelines is divided into two parts, each of which contains several chapters:

• The first part, “Planning your iPhone Software Product” describes the iOS environment and the types of software you can develop for it. It also covers fundamental human interface design principles and describes how to apply these principles to the design of your iPhone application.

• The second part, “Designing the User Interface of Your iPhone Application,” delves into the components you use to create the user interface of your iPhone application. It describes the various views and controls that are available to you and provides guidance on how to use them effectively.

A new iPhone Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) document from Apple is just such a nudge, offering developers in-depth documentation on the iPhone’s UI, how to design for it, and how to handle content passed through various technologies.

This iPhone Human Interface Guidelines PDF eBook is available FREE at apple.com website, we only collect information from the website, and we have no affiliation with the author, website and brand.

To learn how to code your iPhone application, read:

• iOS Application Programming Guide
To learn about designing a web application for iOS-based devices, read:
• iPhone Human Interface Guidelines for Web Applications


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