>iPhone SDK Development

>Now Apple has jump to application SDK Development for today’s most useful mobile devices platform, programmatic and functionality way, with iPhone SDK Development. Its guide apples users to create your own software for iPhone and iPod touch through the tools and API’s.

For Mange Source code, database files, sounds, images, videos, and other application resources use the XCode IDE and you can build your application and develop your own different devices for testing. Xcode is an integrated development environmental (IDE) that combines the multiple tools necessary to build in iPhone program into application. Xcode provides all the tools you need to design your application’s user interface and write the code that brings it to life. As you develop your application, you run it on your computer, an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod touch.

Some Apple frameworks automatically modify their behavior based on the SDK an application was built against for improved compatibility.

Overview of SDK based Development:

Apple makes SDKs available for specific versions of Mac OS X and iOS. Using these SDKs allows you to build against the headers and libraries of an operating system version other than the one you’re running on. The Mac OS X SDKs are installed as part of the Xcode Essentials install package with Xcode 3.2 and later. Xcode release notes list the SDKs supported by each release. When developing for iOS, you always use an SDK downloaded from the iPhone Dev Center website.

Advantages of iPhone SDK Development:

• You can build a target that is optimized for one version of the operating system and is forward-compatible with later versions but doesn’t take specific advantage of their features.

• You can build a target for a range of operating system versions, so that it can still launch in older versions but can take advantage of features in newer ones. This allows you to deliver software that provides new value to customers who have upgraded to a new system version, but still runs for those who haven’t.


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