>Publish eBooks on iPhone

>Now in days, Apple has published eBooks in Apple store via two Channels, first eBooks sales to individual application. It has its own icon of the program on the iPhone Screen. And second some eBooks sold through eBooks reader. eBook Reader or buyer needs to login Then he can read only the eBook and buy or sell the eBook Application on Apple store.

The publisher of eBook gets the revenue for selling each copy of eBook through iPhone eBook reader or user. The revenue is divided in sharing ratio between authors, publisher, selling through eBook reader.

Our iPhone Application Experts are done the work for eBook programming and format for Development of application for Apple store or Make them easily use for iPhone users. Our Developers have done eBook Programming for iPod touch and also iPhone. And you can develop your own application by yourself. An eBook is Published in iPhone an iPod touch and its basically short form of application. The first thing you need a Mac Computer and iPhone or iPod touch for implementing and testing.

We have mainly focused to usability for eBook Application for iPhone Development. EBooks on iPhone are most usable and effective significant uses of this application on apple store. Our team would like to write eBook application for client and take a benefit of new technology trends. Now eBooks can have audio facility as well as video feed with help of new eReader. It makes more informative to eBook application.

It also covers the design flow of information in eBook. EBooks gives facilitates iPhone users to access a huge content for readily on their iPhone mobile.

Some of them unique features of our iPhone eBook application are:

• Easy Process for Login and download process
• No technical knowledge required
• Sending of your eBook in any extension so you can publish it on iPhone and promote them.
• High Quality and usability of eBook readability in iPhone
• Video facility
• Audio Facility
• High usage of content volume in eBook
• High usage of resolution of any images
• Selected font size and font
• Once you have download eBook devices then you can read without Internet connection
• It’s has a capability to add Text Notes and unique Bookmark facility
• Books can be read on iPhone and iPod Touch both
• All pages with copyright information
• Huge Storage capability to store pages in eBook
• Easy Navigation facility which create clean look of eBook and perfect formatting of all pages with background wallpaper.
• Customization of eBook with support of text file formats, images for web pages, support for HTML


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