>iOS 4 iPhone and iPod Application Development


Apple has introduced new version for iPhone Operating system and it’s known as IOS4 for iPhone and iPod users as well as iPhone application Developers/Programmers. For iPhone Application Development the new IOS 4 is available with APIs and SDK4. We provide unique features for iPhone Application Development as per Next generation needs.

iOS 4 helps any application in iPhone or iPod for run in their capable devices. It’s most innovative mobile operating system and advanced operating system. We provide new technologies and unique capabilities to develop application using iOS 4. Our iPhone Application Developer build a schedule process for iPhone using IOS 4. Our Developers are dedicated to developing for iPhone and take challenges for any new operating systems with multi tasking and integration with functionality, unified inbox and data directory.

With a rich set of over 1500 new APIs, iOS SDK 4 provides you with an amazing range of technologies to enhance the functionality of your iPhone and iPod touch apps. Registered Apple developers can visit the iPhone Dev Center to download the iOS SDK 4 now.

iPhone SDK 4 provides support for developing iPhone applications and includes the complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating applications for iOS and Mac OS X. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool among many others. We encourage developers to apply to the iPhone Developer Program for access to additional support resources, including provisioning resources to enable development directly on an iPhone or iPod touch.

iOS Accessibility

iOS includes Universal Access, an additional set of features including screen magnification, a full-featured screen reader, reverse video, and more, that are specifically designed to provide accessibility to users with special needs. Its helps to make your application accessible and provide detailed. Instructions on how to create an intuitive interface that enables users with disabilities to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the consistency and ease of learning that characterizes successful iPhone applications.

IOS Graphics and Animation:

iOS includes an integrated stack of graphics technologies that provide the foundation for building engaging visual experiences. Specialized frameworks — which handle 2D, 3D and animation — give your application access to amazing graphics capabilities of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

IOS Networking and Internet:

iOS offers a range of modern, sophisticated, and easy-to-use networking technologies. From the fine-grained control of BSD Sockets, to finding other devices or computers with Bonjour, to display of web content with the WebKit-powered Safari web browser, you have many options for accomplishing a wide range of networking tasks. Your application has access to these features through high-level frameworks that make it easy to connect to, render, and interact with information anywhere in the world.

Its well established feature of iPhone to continuous growth. Apple has recently launched iPad so we set the schedule continue build on his success.

For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Sufalamtech Offers:

1. Application Artwork with Designer

2. Migration of iPhone/iPod Application to iPad

3. Integration of Application with Third Part Devices

4. Custom iPhone Application and Development

5. Consulting of Application for Development

6. Testing of Application and Promotion

iPhone/iPod Application Development Features:

iOS 4 Application allows the iPhone users to run an application then our developers connect in devices, Preview, test and implement for iPhone. There are different features for iOS 4 are listed below:

· Multitasking features allows an application to do the task in iPhone Screen.

· It includes more than 1500 API’s with iPhone application

· Integration with iPhone application its help to earn more revenue for developers

· Preview of any application like bollywood premier, restaurants and bars

· Development of Game kit API


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