Best Practices for Offshore Development

For the most part, people do not have a positive impression when it comes to outsourced offshore development. In any part of the world, businesses are always looking for innovative ways to reduce their operational costs. Similarly, skilled experts all over the globe are looking for newer opportunities or projects to work on. Outsourced IT has been one of the most successful exercises in the recent times. This is the process where companies outsource their maintenance or management of their IT infrastructure to companies or individuals that work on a remote location. It is extremely important to understand that offshore development can produce great results when combined with a few of the well-defined practices. We have formulated a list of best practices that can help you with the success of your offshore development projects.

Getting started

It is always suggestive to get started with a smaller project first. Outsourcing all your development projects at once is not a good idea if you are looking for a long lasting relationship with your outsourcing team. Instead, start with a smaller project, or a trial project. This would give you a fair idea on their skills and expertise. You can proceed with larger projects once you achieve desired results with the trial project.

Getting feedback

As a company owner, you will not be the only person involved with the offshore development project. Your employees will be using the final product as well. Therefore, you must consider their opinions on the offshore development team, along with their feedback on the project. Gaining your employee feedback is one of the best ways to ensure that the application is useful as well as usable. On the other hand, you will be able to make some useful changes to your project, while it is in the early stage of development.

Share your vision

While it is important to be professional with your offshore development team, it is suggestive to build a relationship. Just like all other businesses, you need to communicate with your team. Take some time to share your business vision and also ask for theirs. Software development professionals and business owners can go a long way if they understand and support each other with their needs.

Warning signs

We all know that offshore development projects cannot be completed overnight. You need to decide on a certain timeframe for every aspect of the project and work accordingly. However, if the development company fails to meet their deadlines, at any phase during the project, you must address it immediately. You may come across issues such as lack of understanding, lack of resources and misunderstood expectations. Regardless of the issue, you must address it instantly. After all the cooperation from your end, if the company does not meet deadlines, it is an indication that their assets are not completely dedicated for your project.


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SufalamTech is one of the leading offshore development companies in the world today. With a professional approach and a skilled team of programmers, the web development company has helped hundreds of clients around the world.



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