Mobile Web Development Made Easy

In the past, most site owners who wanted a mobile-friendly site would use a separate mobile theme for the site with a design specifically for mobile devices. Some would also use different mobile domains. Mobile web development is an important concept that can be influential in the success of your online business.

If you’re using a mobile theme, you tell WordPress to switch themes if the visitor is using a mobile, and stick to the desktop theme if he/she’s using a—yes you’ve guessed it—desktop PC.

A responsive theme, on the other hand, uses the same theme and similar styling for both sites, but uses a combination of a fluid layout and media queries to make the layout and content different on different-sized devices. It doesn’t just work for mobile web development; responsive themes can change the look of a site on tablets or on really large screens, too.

Responsive design – Important Concepts

To get to grips with a responsive design, you’ll need to understand the following web development concepts:

1. Fluid layout: This is a site layout that uses percentages for widths instead of pixels. The effect of this is that when the browser window changes width, so does the site.

2. Media queries: We use media queries to add extra changes to the CSS for devices of a particular width. The widths most commonly targeted are:

3. Mobile devices such as smart phones: These are 320px wide and 480px high, which means the width of the screen, will change when the device is turned around. It is imperative to note this before you get started with mobile web development.

4. Tablet devices: These vary in size but the screen on the iPad, which is by far the most commonly used, is 768px wide by 1024px high. Other tablets such as the Kindle Fire will be smaller.

5. Desktop computers: Their width ranges from 1024px and above. It’s common to set a maximum width for our layout so that on very large screens (for example, over 1200px), the site doesn’t layout so far that it makes the content difficult to read.

Before starting, it’s a good idea to think about your website, its content and functionality, and consider what the best approach might be. Let us assess the web development options available to us. There are five main options for developing a mobile site as follows:

1. Using a mobile plugin: This gives us a mobile-friendly site with the minimum of effort, but doesn’t give us much scope to incorporate our own design into the mobile site. Many mobile plugins also don’t target tablet devices.

2. Using an off-the-shelf responsive theme: There are a number of free responsive themes available in the WordPress plugin repository. You must know how to tweak them so that your mobile site is more consistent with your desktop site.

3. Using an off-the-shelf responsive theme for mobile devices and our existing desktop theme for desktop computers: We achieve this by using a theme switcher. The advantage here is that we can quickly install a free responsive theme, tweak it to look how we want, and don’t lose the benefits of our existing desktop theme for desktop visitors.

4. Making our own theme responsive: We do this by adding a fluid layout and media queries to the desktop theme we’re already using.

5. Building our own mobile theme and using a switcher to activate it on mobile devices: This is a useful approach when we want our mobile and desktop sites to look different or contain very different content.

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The Superiority of Zend Framework Development in Website

Gone are the days when the websites were developed using the traditional PHP system. Things have changed marvelously and tImagehey have changed for the good for the developers. Now you will have the better options to make the things work in a better manner as Zend Framework is there. It is good news for the developers to create powerful and more interactive PHP websites by utilizing the Zend Framework Development.

Here are few important points which you need to know before you approach the PHP developer with the option of Zend Framework Development:

The Zend Framework is a utility developed by the company Zend Technologies, which has been integrated in PHP 3 and all the more wrote the Zend Engine, thatforms the center of PHP 4. Due to strong corporate support, Zend Framework Development is the top priority and it is here to stay for many years.

Ever since the release of Zend Framework and its practical use in corporate world, it has become popular open source technology which is paving the way through our system. There is online community of users which is offering several source codes to the developers. Now, that’s the importance of open source technology right away.

The Zend Framework is presently a safe play for web developers as it is the open source technology which has future and is always on the top priority. Today developers are more eager to go for the Zend Framework than they are concerned about making the headway for any other open source technology available in the market.

The best thing about Zend Framework is that one will have the online assistance and all the more there is online assistance available all the time. Everyone wants the online assistance and which is the reason why many developers like to go for it.

Every component in the Framework is object oriented and is based on the PHP 5. Many of the other Frameworks were developed using the older versions and as the result of which object oriented platform was not considered to be part of it.

The components of Zend Framework are loosely coupled which means that it is easy to separate them. The developer or even the user can easily separate the components with the purpose of integrating with other web applications which are otherwise not built on the Zend Platform.

Another advantage is that Zend Framework supports number of databases and therefore the developers do not have to get confused about making the choice with specific database. The database supported by Zend would include MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Zend Framework is a superb option which has revolutionized everything in a better way and manner.

Author’s Note:

Sufalamtech is an expert in the Zend Framework Development and has several years of experience in it, besides experimenting with other open source content management systems. 


In the recent years, there has been very high demand of WordPress Integration and customization and it is indeed making the headway in the market. The competitive web market as it stands today is laying the demand for WordPress enabled websites simply for the reason that the websites are easy to develop and they are all the more easier to upload on the Internet. By making the website designed and developed in the WordPress or integrating your business website into WordPress interface, you have better options to develop your business online and be on the best of everything.

However, one thing which needs to be thought around here is that WordPress integration and customizationis not that easy as you may think and requires immense professionalism. It is important that you have a reliable designer who has the intellect of transforming the website into a powerful business center by integrating it into the business interface.

Dedicated WordPress Programmer has the necessary expertise and proficient enough to scheme the theme/ template of the WordPress integration and customization.The framework of dedicated programmer will involve theme/ template integration and customization, CMS development and system design, custom module development and installation, extension development and even beyond.

What are the Innate Qualities of the Professional WordPress Developer?

If you are willing to hire the WordPress developer, the first thing which should be done out here is that you should look into his/her qualities. It is important that you take a quick review of the verbal CV of the WordPress Developer and make the choice.
In short, here are some of the qualities of Developer for the wordpress integration:
The WordPress Developer who is experienced will have rock solid technical knowledge about the WordPress technology and moreover, he will also have the understanding how to put that knowledge into your business.

The WordPress Developer also has the innate database design and development skills which essentially comprises PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, My SQL and CSS.

The WordPress Developer also has in depth knowledge on how to integrate a website into the WordPress website and this is where his real expertise can be seen.

The WordPress Developer also has knowledge of many Plugins that can be used. These Plug ins are quite necessary for developing a smart and innovative WordPress website and all the more adding real time functionalities too.

The WordPress developer will be able to integrate, configure and manage the WordPress installation and give the best way and means to generate a high quality and fully integrated WordPress Website.

Get yourself ready to make your business fully integrated and customized into the WordPress and make the real difference in the working as well as the functionality of your business.

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Our dedicated wordpress developers have knowledge as well as experience in WordPress Development and ensures the clients with superb website designs which are functional and look chic.

WordPress Integration Only From Best WordPress Developer

When Should You Outsource Your Web Development Work?

If you are in charge of your company’s website, you will often come across situations where you will have to decide whether you need a full time web developer or if you need to outsource your work to a web development company. For the most part, the decision to outsource or create an in-house development will not be down on you. We have formulated an article to help you compare your choices better.

Your In-House Team

There are several benefits attached to using your own in-house development team. To begin with, internal teams have proven to be cost effective for all long-term projects. Besides, they can also help with any ongoing maintenance. Since the in-house teams are already aware about the business objectives, they can better identify the target audience as compared to the external web development companies. Just because the in-house teams are handling only one company at a time, they have proven to be more responsive than other companies.

Offshore Web Development Company

Outsourcing is best suited for short-term projects where one can prevent the expenses of training, hiring and equipments. An offshore web development company can bring a fresh perspective to any project. With their technological expertise, offshore professionals are in pace with the most recent trends in the world of design and development. Considering the amount of competition in the market, an offshore web development company brings in different innovations in order to gain an edge in the market. This ensures high-quality work.

How Do You Choose?

Based on the situation, you could choose either of the approaches. However, before you make a decision, you must consider the available funding along with the length of the project. If you have a website that needs constant improvements or maintenance on a regular basis, then it would be suggestive to choose an in-house team. At the same time, having an in-house team can be expensive. Simply put, there would be some initial costs involved such as recruitment, training and infrastructure. For short-term projects, the cost savings and the benefits outweigh the ease of any in-house team.

These days, successful online companies combine both these approaches in order to make the most out of their businesses. For an instance, the in-house staff could handle the ongoing improvements whereas the offshore companies could be used for other development work. Conversely, you can get the in-house team to do the development work whereas the external agencies could be used for specialized jobs such as user testing or search engine optimization. Online companies prefer the hybrid approach since it integrates the strengths of both, the external company as well as the in-house team.

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SufalamTech is an offshore web development company that offers iphone application development ,android apps development services, The company has a team of developers who possess an expertise with the latest development trends.

Why WordPress Development is getting popular

Since WordPress is a successful medium of blogging, WordPress development services have successfully made a mark in the contemporary web world. In fact, most people working in this medium believe that WordPress is surely one of the most potent and elegant Content Management platforms that will surely help webmasters successfully answer your web needs. This is one of the reasons as to why several successful web service provider companies are incorporating the same in their package services.

Are you wondering as to what are the prime reasons as to why WordPress development services are on a rapid rise? Below given are some important benefits offered by WordPress as a content management system.

WordPress being a CMS allows the users to create content very fast and without needing FTP, the user can add, delete, update the content.

Cost Effectiveness:
This tool is more cost effective when compared to other CMS as it can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

Simplicity of usage:
One of the best reasons for its popularity is its simplicity of use.
Web development is very easy using this medium as its applications are user friendly and you do not need any additional technical skills to use them. Even you can use it with the help of Microsoft Word.

Search Engine Friendly:
WordPress is designed in a way that it is search engine friendly. Whatever content you place on it, gets optimum results in main search engines like Google. Hence, getting a website developed on it will help get more visitors, leads and thus, sales.

Easy installation:
Installing WordPress does not need any special skills and you can easily install it in a matter of a few minutes. Installing it means clicking on the WordPress Link and it is done. However, you have to answer some basic questions before software is finally installed.

Unlimited Functionality:
Though WordPress provides extreme functionality, users can hire services of professional
WordPress development service providers if they need some special functionality in their website.

Provides Automatic updates and upgrades:
Whenever there is a newer version or update available, WordPress automatically offers them. In addition, there are several add on features such as widgets, plug ins, layouts and designs.

Professional WordPress Development Services:
The WordPress related services that that many web service providers offer have created a huge impact in the modern world too. Some of the most demanded services in this area include WordPress SEO services, Social Networks integrations, custom theme design and integration/blog design too. Apart from the above-mentioned WordPress custom development services, a few of the other such services in the same area include

  • WordPress Blogging

  • Creating sites blogs

  • Theme Development

  • Plug-in Development

  • Module Customization

  • CMS Development

  • Installation as well as maintenance of WordPress sites

  • Migrating to WordPress

About the Author:

He is expert wordpress developer at sufalamtech in developing web portals, forum portal, theme integration, plugin development, and blog customization. Here in this article he wants to share his knowledge and passion with other fellow web users for wordpress development with high-leval of interactivity, accessibility, usability and functionality.


Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development to avoid the risk of unclear requirements in projects

It’s quite common inside IT industry to know complaints from clients about the low quality from the options or even regarding getting undesirable options that not really complement using their needs. However, the truth is which the majority of the outsourced tasks are unsuccessful of the objective not really due to the standard abilities, however since the project requirement were not properly understood by the development company.

Outsourcing is a lengthy existing pattern within the IT Industry. However, the actual trend gets increasingly more notable using the passage of time. Increasingly more businesses tend to be outsourcing their IT services requirement in order to just offshore services provider. The actual point is actually which right now businesses possess began having faith in these types of just offshore providers using their much more critical as well as delicate needs.

Along with this type of large business income opportunity before all of them, businesses are choosing this as well as spreading their own company on the internet. Many businesses possess an online business just and do not make use of the physical visibility their. Additional, the web additionally offers large publicity as well as company marketing therefore which makes it unavoidable with regard to businesses as well as companies to prevent the web platrorms. These days, these types of businesses Hire a professional IT services providerand obtain their own web services constructed through all of them.

Probably the most notable cause in order to outsourcing web development needs in order to just offshore areas tend to be mentioned above previously beneath:

Customized Solutions:
First evaluate your company needs after which begin working on the answer that’s particularly built around to your company needs.

Businesses as well as companies can save lots of money that could happen to be or else allocated to national infrastructure development, hire resources, give instruction all of them for that task and several additional costs.

Quick Solutions:
It is crucial to comprehend which past due deliveries are in fact the reduction in your component because generally you’ll be spending money on the additional period used through the resources.

Regular updates about project:
it’s recommended that you simply remain in normal contact together with your outsourced improvement group as well as consider an energetic component within day-to-day conversations.

Right now the actual query this is how you can avoid the risks of unclear requirements within just offshore web development tasks. Pointed out here are a few ideas that will help within doing this:

Providing A few Additional time Towards the Needs Collecting Stage:

Ensure that the actual project supervisor in the development organization selection interviews a few possible customers as well as discovers the required functions as well as benefits for that brand new software program. It is crucial how the supervisor can make an effective paperwork of all of the needs together with any kind of milestones which may be useful within identifying the actual overall performance.

Necessity Evaluation:
It is crucial to ensure if the project is actually achievable or even not really before you begin focusing on this.

Requirement Inspection:

They should to additionally figure out arrange for dealing with any kind of mistakes or even problems that might occur throughout the improvement from the projects.

Clients have to ensure that their own needs tend to be obvious for them and also to the web development company once they outsource projects needs in order to just offshore vendors. When you are not really actually open to the seller it is therefore necessary that a person help to make best utilization of most recent conversation as well as information discussing systems to supply obvious needs towards the web development team.

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We offering web development services along with developing iphone application, offshore development. The company growing increasingly in terms of providing outsourced web development projects.

Web Development Outsourcing at cost effective model

Outsourcing web development is really a universal phrase that handles a huge outdoor activities associated with actions through creating a easy, custom web application associated with static, regular textual content in order to extremely complicated web-related programs, social networking providers as well as mobile application development company. Additionally, it holds e-commerce options, business web sites, CMS and other web-based programs.

What Is Outsourcing Web Development?

Like a very first action businesses have to arrange the actual objective or even goal associated with software or web application. It is advisable to as departmental mind along with other people associated with administration with regard to supplying their own functionality of products concerning the benefits from the item. Particular requirements as well as necessity should to be tackled. Manytimes, getting recommendations from employees that perform the actual useful utilization of software development or even it can be quite useful to be able to realize the precise necessity.

Throughout the vendor choice & quotation procedure, a good in-depth research associated with just offshore developer is needed to realize their own knowledge inside a specific site or even area. It is suggested in order to outsource individual’s suppliers which have encounter within corporation’s primary field. However, businesses also needs to likely be operational with regard to fairly brand new suppliers too, because these types of little & moderate size suppliers offer notable providers along with much less price included.

Another advantages consist of concentrate on IT Services Expertise – save the price associated with application development, save long-term opportunities, reduce company risks, guidelines through top web development company, quick return on investment, operational infrastructure, use of the very best abilities, enhance product release time.

Along with all that, web development outsourcing will probably be cheap. This really is usually the reason why businesses may do it now, instead of hire somebody on the full-time basis. The total amount cash it requires to setup the function train station and obtain the salary setup to have an person is probably not worthwhile when the work is actually little. A set charge is actually compensated once the outsourced person is performed using the work and contains already been finished towards the arranged requirements.

When the person may be hired, arranged the actual contract and find out exactly how rapidly these people obtain everything carried out. Many of these individuals are wanting to function as well as wanting to generate their own salary so that they may take some time as well as commitment required, however the routine is going to be fulfilled. Merely arranged the actual appropriate requirements inside the function agreement as well as it will likely be simple to obtain everything done within a short period of time.

Look around in ahead of time and find out that outsourcing options appear to workout the best. This may consider some more time, however it may just about all exercise over time. If the professional expert will do the actual appropriate work, maintain their own title upon document to enable them to obtain much more function maintain using the exact same type of design style.

You should realize all the advantages of web development outsourcing. You will find a lot of businesses as well as people who understand how to manage any kind of work inside a short period of time. Begin looking around to at this time and revel in a superior quality associated with quality of work these days.

In last few years Sufalamtech has earned the position of Software Development Company by delivering IT solutions to its international client. If you demand quality web development services at affordable price please contact us.

Instructions to Select an efficient Offshore Software Development Company

Software development services aren’t simply services; they’re a variety of art. It takes plenty of ability and dedication to figure during this field. There square measure totally different phases concerned in making an honest code application. each company needs to retain the most effective talent, rent the most effective service and use the most effective solutions at a reduced value. With the arrival of web, businesses increasing their operations by developing a fully-functional web site and are providing code solutions that may ease their customers’ work.

There square measure a large type of technologies that may be accustomed produce wonderful code solutions. a number of the foremost in style ones square measure Java, Dot Net, HTML, PHP, etc. Also, newer developments square measure created altogether these technologies virtually regularly; therefore, a lot of fashionable and economical solutions will be created. you may have to option for a programming development company that keeps itself updated with all the recent advancements and up gradations within the many technological platforms. If you select an honest choice, you’ll be able to rest assured that every one your issues are gone in a very bit.

Discuss required with management team concerning Offshore Development.
  • Write Down What you’re probing for
  • Have a Budget in Mind
  • Clarify Security desires

Although you would like your code to try to to sure things for your business, the one issue that you just completely want is security. you would like to form certain that your company and your programming is protected against outside threats. Be terribly clear concerning your security desires. build your security desires the foremost vital issue whereas you’re negotiating the project with the web development company.
As the needs of various businesses ar distinctive, there is forever a growing importance of custom software package development. The communication half plays an important role in any custom application development project.

However, this important half is unmarked by numerous businesses all the time. it’s extremely necessary to equate the communication and nature levels of assorted software package firms since a firm that pays attention to customers and provides all of them necessary information at every stage of methodology will certainly get in simplest results.

Whether one settles on hiring a specialised custom software development company or a offshore software developer, the right alternative is extraordinarily plenty of essential and would possibly make sure the ultimate word fate of the project. If the software outsourcing project is huge in size and scope, every overseas and domestic custom application development companies can deliver a full team of qualified folks, count the project manager. whereas simply just in case of small-scale comes, exploitation one to a combine of freelancers might encourage be plenty of economically cheap.

Nevertheless, plenty of usually than not business householders have a preference to move offshore software  development companies to complete their project in a very excellent manner. you may jointly get eliminate the quality drawbacks just like the consumption of prolonged amount of some time in employing a contract developer. associate degree knowledgeable development company utilizes the services of the foremost knowledgeable professionals inside the business by providing them engaging compensation packages.

IT services provide you with the great issue concerning knowledgeable folks running and management your project timetable. These qualified persons not only understand your business processes to implement them into your custom software development, but jointly deliver handy recommendations to strengthen them. As these companies ar managed in a terribly very ball-hawking manner, they implement the whole project at the expected purpose in time, whereas not stepping up your project costs, whether or not or not it’s associate e-commerce application or any custom application development.
You must search for the company that boasts preponderating experience inside the assorted business, and inquire regarding some sample works nevertheless. appraise the operational mechanisms of various custom software package development companies thus take into consideration that mechanism most accurately fits the particular needs of your concern.

Sufalamtech Offshore Solutions for custom web application development and maintenance services ar designed to alter you to lower the whole value of possession (TCO) and thus the required quality for your custom application.

Werb Development outsourcing for business growth

In today’s extremely competitive world, corporations ar needed to implement IT and package solutions to its day to day operations and processes. By mistreatment sort of package and web applications, corporations will optimize the method with less price and resources so as to urge higher business output.

With the assistance of Custom software development, corporations will get software applications and web applications developed consistent with the business desires. options and offerings provided by web application or package will be custom as per business demand.

There should be an issue within the minds of individuals which is, why do everybody source their web development has to India? What is also the rationale behind this? Well, the solution is, there ar many alternative edges of outsourcing offshore development comes to india country.

According to statistics, quite 85% of corporations taking part in IT development business and outsourcing in india, typically have it off in CIS countries: 1/2 that range takes risks to determine ODC (Offshore Development Center) that permits to learn from the experience of another company, while not accumulating the expenses of latest instrumentality and coaching.

Outsourcing permits corporations to specialize in different business problems whereas having the main points taken care of by outside specialists. several acknowledged brands source the website development to the external agencies for the growth of their business. web development is among the quickest growing business presently and Offshore and Outsourcing are two united stipulations spiral around World Wide internet.

It’s a price effective different: offshore outsourcing has emerged as a awfully price effective alternative for businesses as in-house development of web solutions is incredibly expensive thanks to the initial investment needed to facilitate a correct setting wherever development activities may well be dole out properly.

Definitely, there ar several benefits of it however shoppers ought to additionally bear in mind that their development partner should play the foremost necessary role within the success or failure of their comes. Therefore, it’s extremely essential that you simply partner with a capable and intimate service supplier Who is understood for delivering quality solutions for your explicit form of necessities. Conduct thorough analysis and investigation into the service suppliers past and gift comes and ensure that you simply ar partnering with the proper development partner.

With roots all told continents and countries, IT development companies to utilizing shut relations with native universities, the event community and academic centers to quickly fill the necessity for qualified engineers. native business connections additionally work for outsourcing companies’ profit.

Most offshore service suppliers have a distributed presence across several locations – which may facilitate organizations to quickly found out ODCs for investment massive talent pools with day-and-night delivery capability. in addition, service suppliers typically have well documented and outlined security policies in situ, that ar frequently audited by internal and external agencies.

Sufalamtech leading Web Development company Who provides offshore development and mobile application development. we have a tendency to facilitate our clients to business across all the amount will get most profit by adapting it for the betterment of business.

Offshore Development Affordable and Cost Effective Way to Outsourcing Business

The construct of offshore development is extremely appreciated because it offers host of quality and web development services maintaining cheaply. several IT Development companies in India have additionally become partners with several leading corporations owing to the standard of labor it delivers.

Outsourcing could be a real consequence to globalisation. it’s designed the borders narrower than before. it’s additionally done one wonderful issue – eliminating physical existence of both hiring managers and workers at one common place. this implies that each of them will work from numerous locations and nevertheless is interconnected.

Striking options of offshore development in India Country

  • Proper communication
  • Examples and references
  • Productive Suggestions
  • High-Tech Infrastructure

There ar variety of benefits of offshore development services. These ar as follows:

  • Small budget
  • Clients will concentrate on their primary product
  • Highest level of Quality
  • Opportunity for extra Activities
  • Faster Market
  • Customer Support

Global outsourcing corporations get pleasure from India’s appropriate geographical location and knowledgeable personnel at low price in compare of different nations of the planet. In recent years, Asian nation have developed varied offshore internet development centers within the totally different cities and cities and these centers ar providing quality IT services at terribly low rates. as a result of increasing competition & client demands everywhere the sphere within the business trade, not solely massive players further as low & medium corporations have conducive this development.

Before hiring offshore services the scope of the project should be clear and outlined. it’s necessary to foresee if offshore computer code development is that the answer to your wants or if solely a precise space of your project would need the outsourcing services. Whenever the entire project or sure components ar tell offshore work it has to be seen what precisely is that the goal that you simply wish to accomplish from causing it offshore and is that the offshore strategy getting to assist you accomplish the results you’re aiming for.

Build operate transfer model is one during which the firm makes a contract with the offshore partner during which they build a shared services or offshore development center and operate it for a fix short-run amount.

Offshore multi-sourcing is one during which multiple offshore suppliers give their services. It helps corporations to possess services from totally different providers that doesn’t enable monopoly of one supplier and additionally provides company the else advantage of constructing comparisons and having the simplest strategy.

Offshore outsourcing is seen currently mutually out of many sourcing choices. It is selected in alignment with the company Multi-Sourcing strategy. India, mutually of the alternatives for offshoring, is continually changing into additional and costlier. whereas it’s not clear once stagnation is expected, Asian nation incorporates a few benefits to supply. Today, the key players in Asian nation offers excellent expertise, competent management workers, a decent infrastructure and a good understanding of the Western IT market and wishes.

Finally to add it up, we are able to say that offshore development services in Asian nation, makes it easier for international corporations to focus additional on their core competencies and improve the sales of their product or services since their software projects are handled by specialists and skilled corporations.

We ar leading offshore development company in india offers big selection of affordable web development solutions helping them to survive in stiff competitive market. Based on our years of expertise, we tend to contributes thought provocative however informative services on web designing, e-commerce and iPhone application development.